Research Topics

Numerical electromagnetics

  • MoM and Boundary Integral Method: formulations, planar circuits (reciprocal and non-reciprocal), eigenmode analysis, 3D MoM for free space and multilayered media. 
  • Finite-Element Method: eigenmode analysis, 2.5FEM in rectangular and cylindrical coordinates, 3D FEM.
  • Mode-Matching: general theory (properties and mode selection criterion), rectangular, circular and coaxial waveguide discontinuities, rectangular waveguide to cylindrical cavity transition, curved waveguides.
  • GAM: Generalized admittance matrix analysis of waveguide components.
  • Spectral Methods: shielded transmission lines in multilayered dielectric, radiation by sources in multilayered dielectric in shielded and open structures (Sommerfeld formulation).

Devices and applications

  • Coupled lines: general theory of N coupled quasi-TEM lines.
  • De-embedding: automatic error correction in the measurements of S-parameters for two-ports circuits and four-ports circuits.
  • Waveguide filters: overmoded cavity filters, direct-coupled filters, dielectric resonators filters, combline filters.
  • Microstrip/Suspended stripline devices: interdigital filters, Lange couplers.
  • OMT: analysis and design of ortho-mode transducers. Software for the efficient analysis and design of Boifot-junction OMT based on 2.5D FEM.
  • Waveguide bends: analysis and design of arbitrary bends in standard and overmoded rectangular and circular waveguide.
  • Patch antennas: antennas residing in a cavity in single and stacked configuration and arbitrary shape. Arrays.
  • Horns and horns clusters, coupling with reflector.
  • Overmoded waveguide transmission: low-loss transmission for source-antenna links in overmoded waveguide.
  • GPR: ground penetrating radar. Analysis and description of interactions. Forward modeling and inversion.
  • CSEM: low frequency electromagnetics for reservoir detection. Development of 2.5D FEM and 3D FEM code for forward modeling.
  • Electromagnetic characterization of complex media. Waveguide calibration and measurements. 
  • Horn antennas: circular and coaxial corrugated horns. Dielectric horns. Software package for rotationally symmetric horn with arbitrary media. Analysis of coupling between horns in a horn cluster. Analysis of coupling of horns with reflector.
  • Antenna arrays for mobile communications.
  • Reconfigurable antennas for WiFi and sensing.
  • THz radiation and nanoantennas for sensing and imaging.